In 1901 a precursor of the current Seattle Hiroshima Club was organized to provide mutual assistance to immigrants from Hiroshima in areas of language, employment and social welfare. What began as an idea proposed by eleven immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century now boasts a membership of over 250 qualified members. According to the by-laws of the current Seattle Hiroshima Club to become a member one of the following conditions must be met:

1. Be a descendant of Hiroshima Prefecture. or
2. Spouse of a descendant of Hiroshima Prefecture, or
3. Relative of descendants of Hiroshima Prefecture, or
4. Spouse of relative of descendant of Hiroshima Prefecture.


Honorary Members
Those in accord with the purpose of this Club, but does not fit the categories above may
become honorary members upon recommendations of two current members and be
approved by the cabinet. Honorary members shall have the right to vote but not eligible
to become officers.

Please fill out the membership application form by clicking here to download it. Then please print and mail it with a $10.00 check for the membership fee to the address included on the form.