Become a Member

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member. Dues are $10 annually.
Below is a list of requirements.

Seattle Hiroshima Club Member

At least one of the conditions must be met:

1. Be a descendant of Hiroshima Prefecture. or
2. Spouse of a descendant of Hiroshima Prefecture, or
3. Relative of descendants of Hiroshima Prefecture, or
4. Spouse of relative of descendant of Hiroshima Prefecture

Honorary Member

Those in accord with the purpose of this Club that do not fit the categories above may become honorary members upon recommendations of two (2) current members and approved by the Cabinet. Honorary members shall have the right to vote but are not eligible to become Officers.

Application Form

Upon completion and submittal of the membership application form below, the Board will review and provide a response within five (5) business days.


Membership is open to all those in accord with the purpose of the Club.
“We are committed to education and communication of Hiroshima Heritage through community and social engagement.”

If you can trace your connection to Hiroshima, please complete the appropriate lines below which link you to a Hiroshima immigrant.

(The above information is requested of all new member applicants and is used to determine the qualifications of all SEATTLE HIROSHIMA CLUB scholarship applicants.)