Learn about these noteworthy people and their exceptional achievements

Born in Albion, Nebraska Andrews was a pastor of the Seattle Japanese Baptist Church who made personal sacrifices and risks and faced personal discrimination during World War II to continue his minister to the Japanese in interment camps. Andrews was also part of the Houses of Hiroshima team receiving the Fifth Order of Sacred Treasure from the Emperor of Japan.

Daisy Tibbs Dawson
Born in Tony, Alabama, Tibbs was a local Seattle educator and peace activist who graduated from the University of Washington. Tibbs traveled to Japan working with Japanese students and volunteers to construct houses in Hiroshima and is the only African American memorialized in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.

Born in Auburn, Washington and student of the University of Washington is best known for his resistance to the Japanese American internment during World War II, and the court case which bears his name, Hirabayashi v. United States.

Locally known for his 60-foot glass mosaic at the Seattle Mural Amphitheatre commissioned for the 1962 World’s Fair, Horiuchi had a diverse background and received numerous honors including the Sacred Treasure Fourth Class from the Emperor of Japan.

Born in Oakland, California, Koremats fought injustice by refusing to go to internment camp leading to an arrest and conviction of defying government orders whose case went to the Supreme Court.

Floyd Schmoe
Born in Kansas, Schmoe was a Quaker, peace activist, naturalist, teacher, author and University of Washington graduate who known for his work building houses for atomic bomb victims in Hiroshima receiving the Order of the Sacred Treasure for his efforts in Japan.

Walt and Milly Woodward
Walt born in Seattle, Milly born on Bainbridge Island were editors of the Bainbridge Review newspaper who spoke out against the interment camps. The Woodwards hired interment camp correspondents that provided stories of life in camp that was shared in the newspaper keeping the local islanders apprised of their interned friends.

Asian Academy Award Winners 
Five Asian recipients with diverse backgrounds achieving recognition for their work in the entrainment world.